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Our core services range from building commissioning, retro-commissioning, monitoring based commissioning, MEP engineer design services, and energy management planning. Our approach is simple: develop a sequenced plan that contributes to the bottom line and remains cash flow positive.  Starting with the projects that offer the quickest return on investment, we promote a plan that bankrolls energy savings year after year to fund larger projects.


Unlike a typical ESCO (energy service company), we give you control of the implementation process and make sure all the savings go back to you by acting as an owner’s representative.

Do you operate a hospital, school, or other commercial facility?  Do you have an energy management plan in place, or do you want to create one?  Do you know how much you spend on energy per year and how much you could save?  Do you want to find out?  We can help.  Our team has the skills and experience to develop strategic energy plans, secure funding, and implement your energy management projects.


Unless your HVAC system is about to fail, long-term energy planning tends to take a back seat to more immediate concerns.  We want to encourage you to think about energy planning differently: not just as a set of short-term measures to save money, but as a long-term investment with multiple payoffs:


  • Improved Facilities: Our unique approach to energy management allows you to make capital upgrades to your facilities with dollars from energy savings, then continue to generate savings with more efficient systems and processes in place.

  • Optimized Systems: Our team will look at your energy system from top to bottom and find areas where you could be saving money through short-term improvements and long-term investments in new mechanical systems.

  • Sustainability: By introducing energy management best practices, you can help your facility reach new heights of efficiency and sustainability, and receive recognition through standards such as ASHRAE and ENERGY STAR.


Envinity has extensive experience in energy consulting and HVAC design with a focus on energy conservation, efficiency, and sustainability.  We have worked with dozens of commercial clients to make mechanical and electrical system upgrades, modify existing HVAC automation systems, install cutting-edge technologies, and develop energy procurement strategies, operational changes, and tenant awareness programs.  Our energy management plans can reduce energy and operational costs up to 30%, and sometimes more.


Why Envinity

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